Malala First to Sign Petition

Malala First to Sign New Petition Calling for Protection of Teachers and Girls Who Want to Go to School

Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin are the first two signatories of the petition to the Pakistani President following the assassination of Shahnaz Nazli yesterday. Shahnaz, a 41-year-old Pakistani woman shot on her way to work at a girls’ school in Jamrud, was a courageous teacher who joins a list of pupils and teachers shot because they wanted girls to be able to go to school and learn.

The petition supported by Malala, herself a victim of a shooting by the Taliban, is now open for signature at

Having herself braced threats, intimidation and an assassination attempt, Malala has joined others in the UN envoy petition calling on the Pakistani government to ensure the safety and security of teachers and girls who want to go to school. In doing so she, her father and other signatories express the demand that the sacrifice of Shahnaz, the school teacher killed yesterday, should not be in vain.

The petition reads: “Mourning the death of Shahnaz Nazli, a courageous teacher shot for wanting to ensure girls have the right to go to school, we call on the president and government of Pakistan to end the killings and violence that prevent girls’ education and to ensure all girls can go to school. We call for all girls and all teachers to be protected and given security to enable them to enjoy their basic right to be educated.”

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